Welcome to the home of – THE DARK TIMES – a free PDF formatted fanzine supporting modern horror and weird RolePlaying Games (RPGs).  We provide content for all aspects of the horror, conspiracy and weird roleplaying genres, and our publication contains material for several game systems with their publisher’s approval1.

Apart from gaming material we also accept anything that can act as inspiration for games, or has been inspired by them. This includes short fiction, artwork, movie & TV reviews, and even poetry should the muse strike you!

We are always on the look out for submissions, and are happy to accept any material that you think fits the bill (if you have any concerns or questions in this regards you can send them along to us at: darktimesfanzine@gmail.com).

We look forward to seeing what you have!

  1. This list is almost too large to list, but includes – Feng Shui 1&2, Over The Edge, Unknown Armies all editions, Zas Irkalla, Dark Streets, Clockwork & Cthulhu, Call of Cthulhu all editions, Cthulhu Dark, Dark Conspiracy – all editions, Delta Green – all editions, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Army of Darkness, Conspiracy X, Witchcraft, The Cthulhu Hack, Little Fears & Little Fears Nightmare Edition, Achtung:Cthulhu, GUMSHOE system (Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, Night’s Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu), D6xD6 RPG, 4Saken, and Silent Legions… whew…