This page collects all the published issues of The Dark Times Fanzine.

Issue One – Autumn 2017

The inaugural issue of The Dark Times Fanzine.

Download The Dark Times Fanzine – Issue 1 – Autumn 2017 in PDF format (2.3 meg).

Welcome to The Dark Times Fanzine (DTF), a direct and spiritual descendant of Demonground and Protodimension Magazines (PDM). Fostered in part with the laying to rest of PDM, DTF is the newest online free gaming magazine with a focus, still, on the “horror-conspiracyweirdness” sphere along with Modern, Post-Apocalypse and Realism genres. Where our predecessors had a more focused approach to settings & systems, DTF plans a broader, sometimes systemless approach to our fare and offerings.

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This autumn 2017 release includes:

  • Fantastic cover art ‘Stairway‘ by Michael Marshall Smith
  • An introduction by assistant editor Tad Kelson
  • The regular In The Editor’s Attic editorial musings from Lee Williams
  • The Open Veil, this issue’s featured adventure. A Dark Conspiracy-styled ghost hunt in an abandoned sanatorium by Paul Riegel-Green
  • A Delta Green Shotgun Scenario First Hand Accounts by Eric Rodriguez
  • A short adventure for Trail of Cthulhu Carcosa Fringe Festival by Sean Smith
  • Web of Deception – a quick & dirty scenario for Dark Conspiracy by Tim Bisaillon
  • Ten Spiritual Parasites, a list of unpleasant undead infestations by Eric Fabiaschi
  • A Short Guide to Australia, travel advice for Dark Conspiracy by Kevin O’Neill
  • The Trouble With Dr Murphy, a Silent Legions scenario by Eric Fabiaschi
  • The IDEAL Conceal, a handgun for Dark Conspiracy & Call of Cthulhu by Lee Williams