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[Interview] Eric Haddock – Author of ‘New Orleans’

In 1992 Dark Conspiracy was on a high. The core book had proven popular and under the direction of the Games Designer Workshop (GDW) team numerous new products were in development. The first of these to hit the shelves was New Orleans, a sourcebook and adventure that explored this venerable old city and the evils that now dwell within its limits. It is DCtRPG’s pleasure to have been able to recently chat with New Orleans’ author, Eric Haddock (who currently hosts the World of Warcraft podcast, 30 Minute Cooldown), and lure him to reveal some of the details about the creation of this supplement, and his time at GDW.

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[Interview] Geoff Skellams – DEMONGROUND Founding Editor

In 1998, after a brief discussion on a chat forum, three strangers decided to start a Dark Conspiracy fanzine. One of these like-minded souls was Geoff Skellams, the man who would become the heart of the zine, and in turn the inspiration for my continuing support of Dark Conspiracy (from the abortive 3rd edition through to the survival of this site and forum).

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[Interview] Lee Williams – 3 Hombres Editor

Lee Williams is one of the stalwarts of Dark Conspiracy, having been involved or contributed to numerous DC products and companies over the last two decades. It was with great pleasure that DCtRPG.info was able to have a brief chat with Lee about the game, and his current role (as of 2012) as a 3Hombres editor and proofreader.

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