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[Trigger Event] Atlas Industries

Growing up we all knew the jingle… ‘Atlas in your Home, Atlas at your Work’, but who would have ever thought that you’d end up working in the place…

Atlas Industries LogoAtlas Industries was once an international powerhouse in the production of electrical goods of all sizes – from specialist industrial machines through to the most common home appliance.  Through a multitude of brands, they exported across the globe, dominating the market so far as to say it wasn’t too much of a stretch to believe the company’s claims at the time – that every home in America owned at least one Atlas Industries product!

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[Article] In The Referee’s Toolkit

While the number of supplements and support material published for Dark Conspiracy over the years have been considerable, there will always be gaps left for the Referee to detail. This article explores three Dark Conspiracy-related RPG supplements that should be in every DC Referee’s kitbag.

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[Darklings] The Pale

You know what riles me up the most? Rumour has it that a couple of FBI guys caught themselves a Pale. A young one, I’m guessing as it walked straight into their trap. Of course, the Feds didn’t know what to make of a heat sucker like a Pale, and ended up killing the damned thing in bath of boiling water. God damn it, the best chance in decades to understand what these things want with us, and these two meat heads treat it like some sort of lobster. I’m telling ya, that rumour better not be true…

The Pale, Darklings driven by their need for ambient warmth; hunters with desires that can not be satiated by blood or terror. But what are the Pale, and why are they in our dimension?

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[Article] Allies in the Dark

When Dark Conspiracy hit the shelves in shelves of game stores in 1991 it wasn’t the first RPG to deal with the themes of conspiracy horror, and nor would it be the last. What follows is a number of other roleplaying games that, in their own way, embrace the concepts of alien invasion, terrors from the dark, and hidden mysteries.

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[Article] Dark Future vs Alternate America?

One of the challenges facing all modern day RPG settings is just how quickly the world around us progresses; from the unstoppable advancements in technology, the evolution of social norms, through to the life changing impacts of real world events. Such changes can quickly make roleplaying games or at least their settings feel ‘out of date’, and in turn poses difficulties for potential Referees when attempting to reconcile the real world with what has been presented to them in the gaming material.

This article examines these difficulties and offers a solution that could ensure Dark America remains in shadows of the conspiratorial 1990s.

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