The Dark Times currently has permission to publish free content for the following games and publishers under their fair use policies.

  • Atlas Games – Feng Shui 1&2, Over The Edge, Unknown Armies all editions
  • Atramentis Games – Nightmares of the Dead Dreamers
  • Cakebread & Walton – Dark Streets, Clockwork & Cthulhu
  • Chaosium – Call of Cthulhu all editions
  • Delta Green all editions
  • Eden Studios – All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Army of Darkness, Conspiracy X, Witchcraft
  • Just Crunch – The Cthulhu Hack
  • Little Fears & Little Fears Nightmare Edition
  • Modiphius – Achtung:Cthulhu
  • Pelgrane Press – GUMSHOE system (Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, Night’s Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu)
  • Popcorn Press – D6xD6 RPG, D13 RPG, Wolfman’s Curse card game
  • Purple Duck Games – 4Saken
  • Sine Nomine Publishing – Silent Legions

Contributing to The Dark Times

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