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[Review] New Orleans

Written by Eric W. Haddock (1991, GDW)

GDW2101 - Dark Conspiracy - New Orleans (MJS)New Orleans hit the shelves in 1991 as the first book produced by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in support of their new Dark Conspiracy game-line. More than simply an adventure, New Orleans is part scenario, part city supplement, and in many ways the blueprint for the books that were to follow.

Note that this review accompanies an interview darkconspiracytherpg.info conducted with the author of this supplement, Eric Haddock. This can be found here – [Interview] Eric Haddock – Author of New Orleans

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[Review] Detour

Written by the 3Hombres Team (2011, 3Hombres)

Detour is a 14 page Dark Conspiracy adventure that explores portions of New BosWash and the Outlaw lands that surround it. The first by the new DC licensee, 3 Hombres Games, it is available only as a pdf (via RPGnow and DrivethruRPG), for a price point of $6 US. With a new and interesting approach, it offers an insight into the direction that 3 Hombres Games is to take Dark Conspiracy in the future.

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[Review] Among the Dead

Written by Mark Galeotti and Loren K. Wiseman (1992, GDW)

Among the Dead is an 82-page adventure published in 1992 by GDW for the Dark Conspiracy game line. Complete with GDW’s higher than average layout and art standards (at least for the time), this scenario is one of the best produced in the series. A good read, it brings Russia—in the world of Dark Conspiracy—to life, but fails to provide a completely compelling story at points.

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