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[Tabloid] Storm Warnings

In the world of Dark Conspiracy, threats come from all places, above and below. This tabloid article provides the Referee with an interlude for a party already on an investigation, or act as a trigger event for new potential Minion Hunters.

Inspired in part by the Ice Daemon adventure, Storm Warnings offers an opportunity to explore what becomes of the Dark Conspiracy world when it is abandoned by humanity.

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[Tabloid] Taking on Water

For Minion Hunters travelling by ship is a convenient, and more importantly, anonymous form of transport. For many this is a way of regroup and recuperating between ‘missions’ safe in the knowledge that miles of ocean separates them and the evil they fight against.

Until now that is…

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[Tabloid] Here Be Dragons

Tashicorp, a large agricorp with interests in numerous sites around America, has a problem. At their Missouri ‘gardens’ (a term used to cover the massive tracks of agricultural land they control at this one site), a number of their automated worker bots have been destroyed in what the corporation calls ‘acts of terrorism’. Tashicorp blames a small community of ‘hold-outs’ trapped within the garden (made up of the original owners who refused to sell up their land) for these attacks, and needs some outside force to rectify the situation.

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[Tabloid] A Murder of Crows

The body of Carlos Gratinera has recently been found in on edge of, what was once, Mesa Verde National Park. This in itself is not such an unusual event, with hundreds, if not thousands, of people ‘disappearing’ each day. Moreover, it is certainly not a death that should warrant local, let alone national, media coverage.

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