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3Hombres Games are happy to announce the core rulebook for DARK CONSPIRACY® III is now available (Ed. via DrivethruRPG for the very reasonable price of $10 US)! Entitled CONSPIRACY RULES, it is the first book of the Dark Conspiracy III series, an update to the original and in many ways ground-breaking urban horror RPG of the 1990s. This update brings the rules into alignment with Traveller: The New Era® and Twilight 2000®, version 2.2.

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[Interview] Lee Williams – 3 Hombres Editor

Lee Williams is one of the stalwarts of Dark Conspiracy, having been involved or contributed to numerous DC products and companies over the last two decades. It was with great pleasure that DCtRPG.info was able to have a brief chat with Lee about the game, and his current role (as of 2012) as a 3Hombres editor and proofreader.

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[Review] Detour

Written by the 3Hombres Team (2011, 3Hombres)

Detour is a 14 page Dark Conspiracy adventure that explores portions of New BosWash and the Outlaw lands that surround it. The first by the new DC licensee, 3 Hombres Games, it is available only as a pdf (via RPGnow and DrivethruRPG), for a price point of $6 US. With a new and interesting approach, it offers an insight into the direction that 3 Hombres Games is to take Dark Conspiracy in the future.

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