Dark Conspiracy has had a long and colourful history, beginning more than 25 years ago with the publication of the original rulebook by Games Designers’ Workshop (GDW). Although only officially in print for two years (1991-1993), this period saw the release of numerous supplements and adventures (even a trilogy of books and the promise of a second edition), as well as regular support appearing in GDW’s house magazine – Challenge.

After the closure of GDW, Dark Conspiracy was still well regarded by its fans, and in the late 90s this lead to both the creation of DEMONGROUND (a Dark Conspiracy fanzine), and a ‘2nd Edition’ – in reality, a revised 1st edition – of the core rulebook being released by Dynasty Presentation Inc. This revival was short lived, however, with only a short run of new material (including to 3 of 6 books from proposed campaign, and an unpublished 2.5 Edition, amongst other products).

Despite other attempts to revive Dark Conspiracy, it was more than a decade after this that 3 Hombres Games successfully revised the game once more; with a Dark Conspiracy Rules edition (2012). Together with a new fanzine – Protodimensions Magazine – 3 Hombres released a short run of adventures, before all production ceased in early 2017.

So it is, that once more, Dark Conspiracy descends into the shadows, biding its time and awaiting its return…

Over the years numerous official and unofficial Dark Conspiracy products have been produced: