New design ship claims 60% fuel reduction

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New design ship claims 60% fuel reduction

Post by ReHerakhte » Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:59 am

The fuel efficient ship shaped like a sail. That's the article headline but the design is so different (to the point of radical) that it might take some time for the conservative shipping industry to accept it even with the claims of a 60% saving in fuel and a reduction in carbon emissions of 80% compared to traditional designs.

The upper hull appears very high but is comparable to other large cargo ships (just not as wide so the perspective gives the impression of the ship being "too tall"), but I still wonder how much of the hull sits below the waterline.
Still, it's a great example of modern design for games like DC especially with corporations wanting to save money in every way possible so that the CEOs can spend millions on a new office! :twisted: ... ient-ship/
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