DC 3 - UCDR [Question]

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DC 3 - UCDR [Question]

Post by Zvezda » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:23 pm

I love the new close combat rules! I really am impressed. It must have taken ages to keep the basic system, erasing the bugs and improving the mechanics! A complete success in my opinion. But I have one serious question. What is the idea behind the dramatic change of the UCD? PCs now have less than half of what they had before. Most characters will have 1 and the best of the best will have 4 while the random bonus of a kick is up to 6. A friend of casual football violence will have STR 5 and Unarmed Martail Arts 2 wich would result in a UCDR 1 for a Punch or Leaping Kick but he could score seven times this much with a kick. Even though he is more likely to score an outstanding success now the damage will only go from 1 point to 2 points. The leaping kick has become completely useless with these rules. No one will ever do it. It does between 1 - 4 Points of damage while the check is very difficult to pass and you have to recover from the jump. It is also impossible to knock someone down with a jump kick. The maximum damage is 4 and the average person should have an AGL of 5. Having an Acrobatics Rating of 10 and a Melee Rating of 10 would give you a chance of 1 -10 on a d20 hitting your target. Thus making an "outstandnig" success impossible to a Ninja Clan Leader. Though last time I checked a jump kick looked a bit like this. To sum things up, why was the UCDR reduced so dramatically?
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