New Skills:Gunsmithing and Handloading.....

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New Skills:Gunsmithing and Handloading.....

Post by Phulish » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:38 pm

Gunsmithing bridges the gap between Slug Weapon and Machinist. This covers the use of handtools to fit and finish the repair or modification of firearms. Example: Creighton takes an old M1911A1 to his basement shop. First he replaces the springs and adds wooden grips(ESY Slug Weapon(Pistol), He then replaces the barrel with a new barrel that requires mating to the slide(AVG Machinist). Finally, he wants an extended thumb safety that requires filing and stoning(AVG Gunsmithing). This is a detailed explanation for the unfamiliar. If Creighton had to pick through a crate of 12 old M16's to make 4-6 decent rebuilds it would require Scrounging and Slug Weapon(Rifle) to salvage parts, and a few Gunsmithing and Machinist roles to reassemble, followed by Slug Weapon(Rifle) rolls to function test and sight in the weapons. Handloading along with Chemist or Demolition for powders, and metallurgy for bullets, would allow componants to be assembled into cartridges. These aren't just Twilight 2000 skills, but useful additions to any Minion Hunter group's arsenal :P

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