Career Conversion.....

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Career Conversion.....

Post by Phulish » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:06 pm

I'm trying to convert the Firearms Instructor career to DC3, here's what I have so far.

Firearms Instructor: You teach small arms marksmanship, concealed carry courses, tactics for a living. Once in a while you even teach agents and military personnel and corperate security. Competing in shooting events for prizes and "cred" round out your livelyhood.

Prerequisites:No criminal record,Gun Combat 3, one term prior Law Enforcement for "LE Certification". To make a "Combat Arms Instructor" take any service basic training and use the secondary activity skill to bring At least one Slug Weapon skill to 3, represent intensive training at thier school and shooting the left over training ammo at the end of the day(U.S. budgets are "use it or lose it").

Use Military Initiative even if a "civvie" for character creation
AGL+1(not to exeed human limits)
Instruction 3
The other Slug Weapon brought to 3 or +1 to each if already "3"
Admin/Legal 0
Tactics 1
Streetwise 1
Medical 1
For secondary activities choose Gunsmithing and/or Handloading.

Subsequant terms:
Slug weapons
All Terms:
Promotion:7+ DM+1 if AGL7+, DM+1 if a Slug Weapon skill is 8+
Special Assignment:6+ Any of the above skills or Squad Weapons, Demolition, Language
Contacts:two of athlete, law enforcement, military or special per term.
Special:Use an average of AGL and EDU for determining income to represent both instruction and competition. Use just AGL for instruction only terms. :D

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