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Important! New Version of the Forums *Please Read

Post by Marcus Bone » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:42 pm

Hi All,

After our little hack from the outside, I've updated the forums. This was a manual task and has likely resulted in a few changes.
  • While your logins should have come across, there are no guarantees. Please used the 'Lost Password' function if you are unable to access the site. It is probably a good time to update your password, anyway.
  • I will be working through additional security and functionality (including getting a better skin for the site) over the next week or so. If you see anything odd, please holler!
  • On the plus side, the inbuilt search function now works! And all ranks and avatars have been preserved! Yay!
Sorry about the changes, but I hope they are all for the better in the long term!


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