The Dark Conspiracy Press Release - 2nd April 2006

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The Dark Conspiracy Press Release - 2nd April 2006

Post by dcforadm » Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:10 am

The Gamers’ Conglomerate Limited announces licensing agreement to publish an all new edition of DARK CONSPIRACY - the Role Playing Game of post modern conspiracy horror

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, April 2, 2006 - The Gamers’ Conglomerate Limited (TGC), a New Zealand-based Role Playing Game publisher, announced today that they have successfully acquired the licence to republish Dark Conspiracy (DC), Game Designers Workshop’s classic game of post modern horror. With plans to initially re-release many of the game’s original supplements and adventures, a ‘bright’ new future is envisioned for Dark Conspiracy, with a revised core rule book currently in development, in addition to many new settings, campaigns and reference supplements.

First published in the early 1990s by Gamer Designers Workshop, Dark Conspiracy is the premier Role Playing Game of post modern conspiracy horror. Licensed by The Gamers’ Conglomerate in early 2006, this game brings good old frights and fights back to the world of horror gaming.

With a setting firmly based in Earth’s darkest alternate future, Dark Conspiracy stands out from its peers with:
+ an emphasis on both action and investigation,
+ a game setting of unlimited possibilities, flexible enough to run almost any style of horror - from pulp-styled action through to dramatic world spanning conspiracy,
+ a new approach to horror gaming, where the characters take the roles of heroes, not victims.

In a world of apathy and oppression, it is the characters who are humanity’s last hope, and the Earth’s last chance for freedom.
Dark Conspiracy lets the players take the fight back to the Dark, where they are no longer victims, but champions of a scarred Earth!

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