Is it possible to have a Thread Map and/or Thread Tags?

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Is it possible to have a Thread Map and/or Thread Tags?

Post by ReHerakhte » Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:38 am

This is more so a "if it can be done, should it be done/is it worth doing?" post rather than a definite request.

Prompted by a discussion about Australia for Dark Conspiracy gaming in a thread about movies, I was wondering if it's worth creating a thread map so people can find various topics that are effectively hidden in other threads?
Or does the forum engine allow the use of tags to speed up the search function?
Tags could be counterproductive though, someone would have to go through all the threads and determine appropriate tags for each post if necessary and that would really be a hell of a lot of work considering that some sub-forums have well over 1000 posts.
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