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[Review] Nightsider

Written by Michael C. LaBossiere

Nightsider was the second and final ‘folio’-style adventure released by Games Designer Workshop (GDW) in the Dark Conspiracy line. Well, when I say adventure, I actually mean a collection of three loosely connected scenarios based in Maine, New England (but easily transferable) that all involve an otherworldly invasion by the the titular Nightsiders. These creatures, beings able to inhabit the bodies of the dead, are slowing but surely infiltrating our dimension, and, as always, it falls on the Minion Hunters to stop this invasion before it is too late.

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[Review] A Gathering Evil – A Dark Conspiracy Novel

Awakening in a speeding ambulance, with the scream of its undulating siren ripping your brain apart, is not a pleasant experience. It becomes even less so when you realize you’re in a body bag zipped up tight and you can’t move. Trapped in suffocating darkness, with the rubberized canvas pulling at your flesh, you realize that if this is death, eternity in a grave will be hell itself.

And so begins A Gathering Evil, Michael Stackpole’s first novel in what was to become the Fiddleback trilogy. Be warned spoilers follow!

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[Review] Minion Hunter

Minion HunterWith Game Designers’ Workshop starting life as a boardgaming company, it was probably little surprise that Dark Conspiracy eventually got a its own boardgame – Minion Hunter. Created by Lester Smith, and developed with both a solo and co-operative style play (for up to six players) in mind, it turns out that this game, hasn’t aged well.

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[Review] New Orleans

Written by Eric W. Haddock (1991, GDW)

GDW2101 - Dark Conspiracy - New Orleans (MJS)New Orleans hit the shelves in 1991 as the first book produced by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in support of their new Dark Conspiracy game-line. More than simply an adventure, New Orleans is part scenario, part city supplement, and in many ways the blueprint for the books that were to follow.

Note that this review accompanies an interview conducted with the author of this supplement, Eric Haddock. This can be found here – [Interview] Eric Haddock – Author of New Orleans

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[Review] Challenge Magazine – The Scenarios (Issues 53-56)

By Eric W Haddock, Lester W. Smith, Dr Michael C LaBossiere, & Charles E. Gannon

From the release of Dark Conspiracy in 1990 through to the closure of their doors in 1995, GDW supported our favourite horror game through their in house magazine ‘Challenge’.  Over 40 issues and five years this magazine provided numerous scenarios, stories and other support material for the Dark Conspiracy, and saw the emergence of numerous well respected authors. As an ongoing feature, will be reviewing this material and giving our frank and honest opinions on how it pertains to the game today…

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