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[Supplement] Tampete for DC 1st Edition

by Scott McClenaghan & Alex Williamson (2017)

A new supplement for Dark Conspiracy 1st Edition is available as a PDF download from drivethrurpg.

Written by Scott McClenaghan and Alex Williamson, with contributions from various long time Dark Conspiracy fans, this collection of rules, setting and mechanics brings to life the metroplex of Tampete.

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[News] Dark Conspiracy 4th Edition to be Released!

As mentioned over in our forums, and on the Dark Conspiracy Facebook page, a 4th Edition of Dark Conspiracy is to be released in 2018! To be produced by Patric Götz  (of the German RPG company Uhrwerk Verlag or Clockwork Publishing for us English speakers) it will update the setting and system to modern sensibilities.

A placeholder website is already in place with some details – see and we will endeavour to learn more as further information  comes to hand.

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