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[Article] In The Referee’s Toolkit

While the number of supplements and support material published for Dark Conspiracy over the years have been considerable, there will always be gaps left for the Referee to detail. This article explores three Dark Conspiracy-related RPG supplements that should be in every DC Referee’s kitbag.

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[Releases] DC Gear-Up!

DC Gear-Up! is a new release for Dark Conspiracy 1st edition. Written and compiled by Paul Riegel-Green, it provides a definitive collection of mundane and exotic items for use in our favourite modern conspiracy-horror roleplaying game.

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[Darklings] The Pale

You know what riles me up the most? Rumour has it that a couple of FBI guys caught themselves a Pale. A young one, I’m guessing as it walked straight into their trap. Of course, the Feds didn’t know what to make of a heat sucker like a Pale, and ended up killing the damned thing in bath of boiling water. God damn it, the best chance in decades to understand what these things want with us, and these two meat heads treat it like some sort of lobster. I’m telling ya, that rumour better not be true…

The Pale, Darklings driven by their need for ambient warmth; hunters with desires that can not be satiated by blood or terror. But what are the Pale, and why are they in our dimension?

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[Review] A Gathering Evil – A Dark Conspiracy Novel

Awakening in a speeding ambulance, with the scream of its undulating siren ripping your brain apart, is not a pleasant experience. It becomes even less so when you realize you’re in a body bag zipped up tight and you can’t move. Trapped in suffocating darkness, with the rubberized canvas pulling at your flesh, you realize that if this is death, eternity in a grave will be hell itself.

And so begins A Gathering Evil, Michael Stackpole’s first novel in what was to become the Fiddleback trilogy. Be warned spoilers follow!

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[Tabloid] Storm Warnings

In the world of Dark Conspiracy, threats come from all places, above and below. This tabloid article provides the Referee with an interlude for a party already on an investigation, or act as a trigger event for new potential Minion Hunters.

Inspired in part by the Ice Daemon adventure, Storm Warnings offers an opportunity to explore what becomes of the Dark Conspiracy world when it is abandoned by humanity.

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