By Marcus D. Bone, art by Earl Geier and James Shields

Incident at Redview is an open adventure written for 1st Edition of Dark Conspiracy. Designed as a introduction for both new players and new Minion Hunters placing the characters in the midst of an outbreak of an apocalyptic scale.

‘Somethings wrong in Redview, I can feel it in my bones… you know what I mean?”
For the residents of Madison, however, stuck way out in the middle of the Outlaw, with no prospects and no opportunities, the chemical plant at Redview is their last, best shot at making something of themselves. They work there, as scientists, security guards, just about anything really, to make ends meet…
But did anyone ever stop and ask just what Chema is up to in this out of the way, lost to everyone, sort of place? No? Well our Minion Hunters are about to find out. Armed only with their courage and what few resources they can scrounge up, can they survive ‘The Incident at Redview’?

First drafted back in the early 90s but refined and rerun numerous times since, Incident at Redview is an experiment in as much layout and design (in an attempt to reflect the styling of old 1st Edition Dark Conspiracy supplements) as it is an actual playable adventure.

The plot of Incident at Redview is a simple zombie horror scenario, one that shouldn’t really offer any surprises to the Referee or players alike. Nevertheless,  by focusing on the setting and environment, as opposed to the story alone, this scenario reflect just how dark and terrible Dark America could really be.

Most importantly, I’m grateful for he permission of Earl Geier for allowing me to use the very piece of art that inspired the scenario way back when, and for James Shields for his perfectly drawn banner.

I hope you enjoy reading or running this adventure as much as I did writing it, and while it most definitely needs yet one more editing pass, I think it stands as a good marker as some sort of personal closure on Dark Conspiracy 1st Edition.