[Supplement] Tampete for DC 1st Edition

by Scott McClenaghan & Alex Williamson (2017)

A new supplement for Dark Conspiracy 1st Edition is available as a PDF download from drivethrurpg.

Written by Scott McClenaghan and Alex Williamson, with contributions from various long time Dark Conspiracy fans, this collection of rules, setting and mechanics brings to life the metroplex of Tampete.

From downtown Old Tampa through to historic St. Petersburg, this book is a journey made for Minion Hunters, new or old, who are looking to have a home in which to base their adventures. With new factions and personalities, new beasties, darklings and even a Dark Lord or two Tampete is a epic collection of what makes our favourite roleplaying game so special.

Tampete includes:

  • Maps
  • Hundreds of plot hooks
  • NPCs and faction descriptions
  • New dark minions, protodimenions, DarkTek, and career paths specific to Tampete
  • 50+ pages of encounter and setting tables

Tampete is now available as a PDF download from the DrivethroughRPG site (currently at a very reasonable $6.99 US)


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  1. Scott McClenaghan

    Marcus, thank you so much. Both for posting this and for your awesome foreword in our book.

    We respect the shoulders of the giants we’re standing on, and you, Mike, and Geoff (and Norm and Lee and Tad) are in the company of Lester and Ted Kocot in that. You all have inspired us and contributed to the Dark Conspiracy world for going on 25 years now.

    I’m in awe of this wonderful, collaborative effort you’ve accomplished here.

    I hope Tampete will live up to the work you all have done.

    For my part, I have to say, it feels great getting back to the Dark Conspiracy I remember.

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