3Hombres Games are happy to announce the core rulebook for DARK CONSPIRACY® III is now available (Ed. via DrivethruRPG for the very reasonable price of $10 US)! Entitled CONSPIRACY RULES, it is the first book of the Dark Conspiracy III series, an update to the original and in many ways ground-breaking urban horror RPG of the 1990s. This update brings the rules into alignment with Traveller: The New Era® and Twilight 2000®, version 2.2.

Featuring internal fiction by such names as Jason L. Blair and Matt Forbeck with new and original artwork by David Lee Ingersoll (who also did the cover), Bradley K. McDevitt, and Earl Geier who also worked on the first edition, this rules set contains a modified character generation system, updated management of Contacts and clarified rules for automatic gunfire and initiative, and several other minor changes.

CONSPIRACY RULES can be obtained as a PDF from the DriveThru RPG/RPG Now webstores. Look for the expanded background and setting book CONSPIRACY LIVES, coming soon.

NOTE: 3Hombres Games is interested in anyone finding any errors or typos. Please contact the team at errata @ kinstaffmedia.com to notify them of anything you might find.