[Article] In The Referee’s Toolkit

While the number of supplements and support material published for Dark Conspiracy over the years have been considerable, there will always be gaps left for the Referee to detail. This article explores three Dark Conspiracy-related RPG supplements that should be in every DC Referee’s kitbag.

[Releases] DC Gear-Up!

DC Gear-Up! is a new release for Dark Conspiracy 1st edition. Written and compiled by Paul Riegel-Green, it provides a definitive collection of mundane and exotic items for use in our favourite modern conspiracy-horror roleplaying game. The first of three such supplements, you can get your copy over at Drivethrurpg right now. Included in this…

[Darklings] The Pale

The enigmatic Pale, are they simply heat vampires driven by uncontrollable urge to use humanity or is there deeper, darker secrets behind their presence? In this first Darkling article we into these supernatural entities and explore their motivations and desires…

[Review] Minion Hunter

With Game Designers’ Workshop starting life as a boardgaming company, it was probably little surprise that Dark Conspiracy eventually got a its own boardgame – Minion Hunter. Created by Lester Smith, and developed with both a solo and co-operative style play (for up to six players) in mind, it turns out that this game, hasn’t aged well.

[News] Site Design Update

Due to the changes in the underlying code supporting the DCtRPG.info site, we’ve had to revamp our look and feel. Never fear everything remains in place and as always more articles, tabloids and reviews are in the pipework.

[Article] Allies in the Dark

When Dark Conspiracy hit the shelves in shelves of game stores in 1991 it wasn’t the first RPG to deal with the themes of conspiracy horror, and nor would it be the last. What follows is a number of other roleplaying games that, in their own way, embrace the concepts of alien invasion, terrors from…