[News] Dark Conspiracy 4th Edition – Crowdfunding Campaign Completed!

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Updated April 2020 – Amargosa Press Acquires Dark Conspiracy License

Amargosa Press has signed a multiyear licensing deal with GDW to create, support and publish a new edition of the Dark Conspiracy Tabletop Role-Playing Game.

Dark Conspiracy is a near future horror role-playing that was originally published by Games Design Workshop (GDW) in 1991, followed by a second edition in 1997 and a third in 2012. Most recently a new fourth edition was being developed by Clockwork Publishing before the company went into administration last year.

“It was important for us to make sure that the backers, artists and writers that had invested time and/or money in the Clockwork Publishing campaign were not left out of pocket. With this in mind we’re reviewing the work done to date under Clockwork Publishing and will be using as much as possible in the new Amargosa Press edition, making sure that the artists and authors are fully paid. All backers of Uhrwerks Game On Tabletop crowdfunding campaign will also receive copies of the new edition, and appropriate supplements, so they are not out of pocket. Amargosa Press has not, and will not, be receiving any money from the Game On Tabletop campaign but will be looking at supporting those backers, many of whom have been core supporters of Dark Conspiracy for ears, and will hopefully continue to be for years to come.”

“We have not put any provisional dates on the completion of the new rulebook, and supplements as yet, as we evaluate the existing manuscripts, art, and the plans that Clockwork Publishing had in place for the game. Obviously no work has taken place since Clockwork Publishing went into administration in June 2019, but we hope to move quickly now that the license has been agreed and assets have been transferred. Amargosa Press now also has access to the Game On Tabletop crowdfunding campaign platform so can keep backers updated directly going forward and build up engagement with the community and fanbase.”

We are happy that something is progressing in this space, and  I’d recommend both visiting the crowdfunding site (https://www.gameontabletop.com/cf189/dark-conspiracy-a-roleplaying-game-of-supernatural-horror.html) and joining the Dark Conspiracy RPG Fan Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/17238002760/) to keep appraised of the situation.

Keep safe out there!
The DCtRPG.info crew

[Trigger Event] Harper’s Court

The Best and the Brightest, The Smartest and the Bravest, The Men and Women of Harper’s Court
– The last lines of the Harper’s Court cadence call

It claims to be the training ground for tomorrow’s leaders, an academy of discipline and learning blind to the social and economic pressures of modern America.

But what is really going in at Harper’s Court?

Is it simply yet another facility for the creation of some Dark Lord’s Igors, or is it a bastion of light in these darkest days, inducting a new generation of Minion Hunters? Read on and find out…

[Article] Music that Inspires You – Dark Conspiracy

I would hazard a guess and say that I am the world’s worse musician. Beyond any physical limitations I possess, I think to this day I have the honour of being the only 5th year student not to master ‘Three Blind Mice’ on the recorder… much to my Mother’s chagrin1

Nevertheless music is important to me, I listen to some new album or musical piece every day and have always believed in a strong connection between tabletop gaming and music (I even wrote an article about such 20-some years ago in Demonground). The modern age of being constantly connected to the web, and having easy accessibility to streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon music has meant the scope – although maybe not the quality – of music I’ve been exposed to has expanded rapidly in recent years (even though I would say that I was pretty well versed in some genres even before that).

Alright, that’s nice, but what’s that got to do with Dark Conspiracy or even gaming in general. Well… when I write – like I’m doing right now – I find I do my best work listening to music that – at least to my ever enfeebled mind –  inspires or reflects the genre I’m tinkering in. In fact, I’d actually go further than that and say I have playlists that embody the themes and feelings of specific game systems. Yep, I have a playlist for games such as Conspiracy X, Call of Cthulhu, River of Heaven (although that’s an easy one as the game has the best RPG soundtrack ever made2) and, of course Dark Conspiracy.

[Mechanics] Knight’s Armaments

It’s been 30 years since Dark Conspiracy was released, and in that time the world of weapon technology has both changed and remained the same. In the military sphere time often seems to stay still, with development slow and steady; Generals want mass produced reliable weapons. In the private sector, however, the desire for the most effective and deadly weapons is to the fore (especially with the rise of independent security firms).

One such company meeting these needs is Knight’s Armaments (KAC) and their range of tactical and assault weapons. In this article we present this real-world company’s foremost arms converted into Dark Conspiracy 1st Edition ready statistics.

[Article] Shadows that Rip and Tear – An Observation on Dark Conspiracy

This is a short article that I wrote for the Dark Conspiracy 4th edition Kickstarter that never saw publication. It looks to detail, at least from my perspective, why I continue to love, support and create for Dark Conspiracy and why I’m so excited for a new edition!


Shapes that rip and tear. Shadows that live in corners… Windows in space and time that lead to realms of madness and decay…

And with those words an untold number of gamers were lured into the world of Dark Conspiracy. It was the early 1990s, and for years, roleplayers had played their games across infinite worlds of heroic fantasy, the bounds of airless space or facing the maddening terrors of Lovecraftian horrors, but rarely had they the opportunity to act out their adventures in a setting that reflected so darkly humanity’s own missteps into the future.

Dark Conspiracy is the game of modern, conspiracy horror, set against a backdrop of a bleak future dominated by greed, evil and nightmares from beyond reality. It was a product of its era, the result of a zeitgeist of suspicion and fear – likely driven by a recent stock-market crash, a changing governmental structure and a rapid rise in personal technology – that would spawn TV shows like the X Files, Millennium Dark Skies, but also a plethora of other similarly focused roleplaying games. 

[Adventure] Urban Nightmares – A 1st Edition Scenario

By Marcus D. Bone

Things lurk in the dark, in the spaces humanity has left behind. Evil things, vicious things that want for nothing more than our total destruction.

Yet these things we understand, if still fear. What we fail to comprehend are those things hunt us not for survival, nor to feed, or because humanity poses some as yet undefined threat to their existence. No, these things stalk us only for the pleasure…

Unlimited worlds span our universe, and infinite more stretch across the dimensions, and yet among all that potential, how can humanity be reduced to simple playthings?

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