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[Review] Minion Hunter

With Game Designers’ Workshop starting life as a boardgaming company, it was probably little surprise that Dark Conspiracy eventually got a its own boardgame – Minion Hunter. Created by Lester Smith, and developed with both a solo and co-operative style play (for up to six players) in mind, it turns out that this game, hasn’t aged well.


[News] Site Design Update

Due to the changes in the underlying code supporting the site, we’ve had to revamp our look and feel. Never fear everything remains in place and as always more articles, tabloids and reviews are in the pipework.


[Article] Allies in the Dark

When Dark Conspiracy hit the shelves in shelves of game stores in 1991 it wasn’t the first RPG to deal with the themes of conspiracy horror, and nor would it be the last. What follows is a number of other roleplaying games that, in their own way, embrace the concepts of alien invasion, terrors from…


[Review] New Orleans

New Orleans hit the shelves in 1991 as the first book produced by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in support of their new Dark Conspiracy game-line. More than simply an adventure, New Orleans is part scenario, part city supplement, and in many ways the blueprint for the books that were to follow.


[Article] Dark Future vs Alternate America?

One of the challenges facing all modern day RPG settings is just how quickly the world around us progresses; from the unstoppable advancements in technology, the evolution of social norms, through to the life changing impacts of real world events. Such changes can quickly make roleplaying games or at least their settings feel ‘out of…


[Tabloid] Taking on Water

For Minion Hunters travelling by ship is a convenient, and more importantly, anonymous form of transport. For many this is a way of regroup and recuperating between ‘missions’ safe in the knowledge that miles of ocean separates them and the evil they fight against. Until now that is…