[Review] New Orleans

Written by Eric W. Haddock (1991, GDW)

New Orleans hit the shelves in 1991 as the first book produced by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in support of their new Dark Conspiracy game-line. More than simply an adventure, New Orleans is part scenario, part city supplement, and in many ways the blueprint for the books that were to follow.

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[Article] Dark Future vs Alternate America?

One of the challenges facing all modern day RPG settings is just how quickly the world around us progresses; from the unstoppable advancements in technology, the evolution of social norms, through to the life changing impacts of real world events. Such changes can quickly make roleplaying games or at least their settings feel ‘out of date’, and in turn poses difficulties for potential Referees when attempting to reconcile the real world with what has been presented to them in the gaming material.

This article examines these difficulties and offers a solution that could ensure Dark America remains in shadows of the conspiratorial 1990s.

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[Tabloid] Taking on Water

For Minion Hunters travelling by ship is a convenient, and more importantly, anonymous form of transport. For many this is a way of regroup and recuperating between ‘missions’ safe in the knowledge that miles of ocean separates them and the evil they fight against.

Until now that is…

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[Interview] Eric Haddock – Author of ‘New Orleans’

In 1992 Dark Conspiracy was on a high. The core book had proven popular and under the direction of the Games Designer Workshop (GDW) team numerous new products were in development. The first of these to hit the shelves was New Orleans, a sourcebook and adventure that explored this venerable old city and the evils that now dwelled within its limits.

It is DCtRPG’s pleasure to have been able to recently chat with New Orleans’ author, Eric Haddock (who currently hosts the World of Warcraft podcast, 30 Minute Cooldown), and lure him to reveal some of the details about the creation of this supplement, and his time at GDW.

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[News] Changes are A-Coming

It’s not often that I post about the site itself in one of these are articles, but in this case I thought it was about time I did some self promotion for good DCtRPG.info.

Changes are afoot for the site, but don’t worry, only for the best.

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[Review] Challenge Magazine – The Scenarios (Issues 53-56)

From the release of Dark Conspiracy in 1990 through to the closure of their doors in 1995, GDW supported our favourite horror game through their in house magazine ‘Challenge’.  Over 40 issues and five years this magazine provided numerous scenarios, stories and other support material for the Dark Conspiracy, and saw the emergence of numerous well respected authors. As an ongoing feature, DCtRPG.info will be reviewing this material and giving our frank and honest opinions on how it pertains to the game today… 

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3Hombres Games are happy to announce the core rulebook for DARK CONSPIRACY® III is now available (Ed. via DrivethruRPG for the very reasonable price of $10 US)! Entitled CONSPIRACY RULES, it is the first book of the Dark Conspiracy III series, an update to the original and in many ways ground-breaking urban horror RPG of the 1990s. This update brings the rules into alignment with Traveller: The New Era® and Twilight 2000®, version 2.2.

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[Tabloid] Here Be Dragons

Tashicorp, a large agricorp with interests in numerous sites around America, has a problem. At their Missouri ‘gardens’ (a term used to cover the massive tracks of agricultural land they control at this one site), a number of their automated worker bots have been destroyed in what the corporation calls ‘acts of terrorism’. Tashicorp blames a small community of ‘hold-outs’ trapped within the garden (made up of the original owners who refused to sell up their land) for these attacks, and needs some outside force to rectify the situation.

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[Interview] Geoff Skellams – DEMONGROUND Founding Editor

In 1998, after a brief discussion on a chat forum, three strangers decided to start a Dark Conspiracy fanzine. One of these like-minded souls was Geoff Skellams, the man who would become the heart of the zine, and in turn the inspiration for my continuing support of Dark Conspiracy (from the abortive 3rd edition through to the survival of this site and forum).

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[Tabloid] A Murder of Crows

The body of Carlos Gratinera has recently been found in on edge of, what was once, Mesa Verde National Park. This in itself is not such an unusual event, with hundreds, if not thousands, of people ‘disappearing’ each day. Moreover, it is certainly not a death that should warrant local, let alone national, media coverage.

However, after a chance inspection of the body by Hamilton Willard, a well-respected Coloradan Ornithologist, rumours have circulated that Gratinera was actually the victim of a deadly bird attack, a story which, as with many recent strange occurrences now happening across America, has been embraced by the media.

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